iSync 2.2 users can now use more mobile phones to synchronize data

nova media adds iSync 2.2 support for latest mobile phones / improves phone
handling for Nokia Commnicator

Berlin, Germany, April 7th — nova media today introduced nova media phone
plugins 2.2 featuring iSync 2.2 and improved Nokia communicator support.

The list of new devices features more than 20 mobile phones from Motorola,
Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson, allowing smoothless synchronization of
calendar and contact data with a Mac OS X computer running iSync 2.2.

“Many so called iSync hacks render iSnyc useless after Apple has released
iSync 2.2. And many users have to reinstall their Mac OS X system”, states
Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media. “nova media phone plugins
for iSync 2.2 do not touch the iSync@ application itself, placing new
mobile phone definitions in the appropriate folder in the Mac OS X system
instead. Thus the nova media phone plugins for iSync 2.2 is a clean way of
expanding the capabilites of Apple’s iSync software.”

Nova media phone plugins 2.2 deliver improved support for Nokia
Communicators. Until now, iSync users had to install a special software
called “Agent” on their Nokia Communicators following a complicated
installation procedure.

The nova media phone plugins now use SyncML to achieve the same goal
without the need to install any software on the Nokia Communicator itself.

The nova media phone plugins are available for download at nova media’s
website for Euro 9,95 plus VAT.

About nova media:
The founders of “nova media Mobile Data Solutions GmbH” started their
business in 1996 in Berlin. The company is specialized on mobile data
solutions for Mac OS, Windows and Palm OS. More information at or phone +49 30 3909040.