AirPort Amplifier for Apple AirPort-Equipped iMacs Faster and Stronger
Wireless Without Wires

WICHITA, Kan. –03/27/06– The iMac Connect is the fastest and easiest
route to increased wireless performance, all with no wires and no
disassembly. If you can use a web broswer, setup is a breeze. For $199.95
all AirPort-equipped iMacs can be boosted to five times the standard
wireless range.

Now iMac users can easily connect AirPort and AirPort Extreme networks
without taking the iMac apart and messing around with cables, wires and
other confusing nasty bits. AppleCare remains intact. iMac Connect gets
power from either USB or AC adapter. For those who demand complete mobility
there a model with an internal battery ($229.95 USD). Rather than attach to
the iMac, it simply rests on the desk.

Between the internal AirPort card and the access point (commonly an AirPort
Base Station), iMac Connect ampllifies wireless signals going in and out of
the iMac. You connect to different networks just like using a standard iMac.

How does Apple AirPort Express compare to the iMac Connect? Although they
both perform some of the same functions, they are different. AirPort
Express cannot perform as well, due in part to the smaller buffer inside
the AirPort Express slowing performance. AE can only be powered from AC
adapter – limiting mobility. Changing networks requires a lot of extra
work. iMac Connect eliminates each of these standard limitations. iMac
Connect accepts external antennas, unlike the AirPort Express where you
don’t have to have access to the RF port connector. iMac Connect generates
four to five times more RF output and has a more sensitive receiver than
the AirPort Express. iMac Connect works on all 802.11b/g systems, Mac or

Five times the standard iMac wireless range is made possible with a 200
milliwatt antenna. This measure refers to RF power – the rating for
wireless products. A stock iMac has about 30 milliwatts of RF power.
Improving the RF rating from 30 to 200 milliwatts is what gives you that
extra wireless range and speed.

You also can use any popular wireless network hardware include access
points from LinkSys, Belkin, dLink and of course, Apple AirPort and AirPort
Extreme Base Stations. That means just about any 802.11b or 802.11g
networks and your Mac OS X or later operating system. You can even move
your iMac Connect from your iMac to any other WiFi-ready computer – Mac or

QuickerTek’s iMac Connect combines a more powerful 2dBi antenna with a
design that does not require opening the iMac. Later, if you want even more
power, you can add one of QuickerTek’s powerful antennas.

Like most QuickerTek products, it’s backed with a one-year warranty on
parts and labor. Additional product information is found at
( as well in the online company

QuickerTek has been a recognized leading innovator of antennas and RF
products for Apple Power Macintosh, iMac, PowerBook and soon for MacBook
Pro computers. QuickerTek products can be purchased online at and from authorized dealers at