ObjectiveCLIPS 1.7 Released

Todd Blanchard has released version 1.7 of ObjectiveCLIPS, a programming
environment specifically designed for Cocoa, the native Mac OS X object
system. Version 1.7 includes a number of significant performance
improvements along with a new execution trace feature that provides
extensive logging of trace information during development.

ObjectiveCLIPS integrates the popular NASA-developed CLIPS expert system
shell with Apple’s Core Data technology and F-Script, allowing the creation
of intelligent Cocoa applications with persistent object models and complex
business rules. Developers can easily embed ObjectiveCLIPS in their
application and take advantage of its powerful inference engine and
associated tools to implement their application logic.

ObjectiveCLIPS unifies CLIPS facts with Core Data Objective-C objects, and
allows for the manipulation of these objects with the Cocoa-based F-Script
language in rules. By bringing the latest innovations in Mac OS X and
object-oriented scripting together with the power of the CLIPS artificial
intelligence environment, ObjectiveCLIPS provides a unique foundation for
building smart Mac OS X applications.

ObjectiveCLIPS is open source software. It can be downloaded from