Mojave Shade introduces Lifeboat 1.0

Mojave Shade Software today announced the debut release of Lifeboat, a Mac
OS X backup program.

Lifeboat is designed to simplify the backup process often neglected while
maintaining the reliability expected on a Mac. Lifeboat offers features for
every skill level. Backup and restore your files to any destination with
incremental or full backups.

Choose the files to backup in either of two ways: pick them directly or use
a smart group to grab a set of files. Smart groups can be created just like
a smart folder in finder and will automatically update as you add files to
that set of files.

With three ways to restore your files, Lifeboat makes sure nothing is lost
if your computer goes down. Restore directly from a backup task, from any
backup digest, or if all else fails, restore from the backup manually.
Lifeboat creates a human-readable digest at each backup location that you
can use to locate each file and place it in its original location.

Lifeboat is $30 USD. It is available from the Mojave Shade Software web
site ( and major Mac shareware sites.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.1 or higher.