New Remotes Offer Form and Function

Oxnard, Calif., (March 23, 2006) -Scosche Industries, a leader of mobile
electronics aftermarket accessories, today announced its new Scosche
FreestyleT line of RF remotes specifically designed for 5th generation
iPods (IPRF-Doc) and iPod Nano (NRF). These product-specific remotes offer
flexibility in music control without detracting from the iPod’s sleak
style. Both RF remotes offer up to 150-feet of range, the signal capability
to travel through walls and around corners, and can control key functions:
play/pause, on/off, volume, track and RWD/FFD.

“Scosche Industries understands the digital age and offers accessories that
enhance the functional capabilities and enjoyment of an iPod,” said Kas
Alves, vice president, sales and marketing, Scosche Industries. “Our RF
remotes offer wireless control of iPods enabling users to take and control
their music anywhere.”

The NRF is specifically designed for the iPod Nano. It is a 3 in 1 product
acting as a case, RF remote with 150 ft. of range, and fits easily in the
dock connector on the bottom of the Nano. Designed in sleek black,, the NRF
measures 4 1/4″(L) x 1 5/8″(W) x 5/8″(H) for a seamless addition to the
Nano without adding bulk. The IPRF-Doc is designed for 5th generation Video
iPods, is featured in sleek black and provides unspoiled integration with
your iPod.

Both remotes easily plug into the dock connector and feature a pass through
for charging and syncing, Bluetooth integration, FM transmitters or
headphones. Additionally, consumers can use the Audio 3.5mm to RCA cable to
the Audio-port on the RF transmitter and control his or her music anywhere
without having to touch or see the iPod. Both remote controls offers basic
functions plus random song feature and can also access playlists.

Both the NRF and the IPRF-Doc will be available at specialty retailers
across the country for $69.95 and will include the specific remote,
receiver, and 3.5 to RCA adapter cable. The receiver uses power from the
iPod and does not require batteries.

Scosche Industries, founded in 1980 by Roger and Scotia Alves, is a leading
manufacturer of high quality car stereo installation accessories and
products. The publisher of the Auto Sound Encyclopedia, Scosche Industries
manufactures and markets four distinct lines of product. These brands
include ScoscheR, EFXR, AccumatR and SoundKaseR. With a dealer network of
over 2,000, numerous O.E.M. products, and 52 patents, Scosche Industries is
a proven leader in the automotive aftermarket business. For more
information visit our website at www.