Apple has posted four new iPhone 4 television ads that promote the smartphone’s FaceTime feature. In case you’re not familiar with it, FaceTime is video calling that uses Wi-Fi.

Apple says that using FaceTime is as easy as making a regular voice call, with no set-up required. On the iPhone 4, you can instantly switch to the rear camera to show others what you are seeing with just a tap.

FaceTime works right out of the box. You don’t have to up a special account or screen name.If you want to start a video call with your best friend, find her entry in your Contacts and tap the FaceTime button. Or maybe you’re already on a voice call with her and you want to switch to video. Just tap the FaceTime button on the Phone screen. Either way, an invitation pops up on her iPhone 4 screen asking if she wants to join you. When she accepts, the video call begins.

The ads — “Meet Her,” “Haircut,” “Smile” and “Big News” — are 30 seconds each. They can be found at