New Take Control ebook gives readers an easy maintenance program to keep
their Macs running smoothly.

Ithaca, NY USA (March 10, 2006) — Regular maintenance is the best way to
avoid nasty problems and to ensure that Macs runs at peak performance, but
it’s hard to know what to do and when to do it, and even harder to fit
maintenance tasks into a busy schedule. Best-selling ebook author Joe
Kissell has now applied his commonsense approach to the task of maintaining
a Mac. Readers will find out how to start on the right foot; what to do
daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly; and how to prepare for Mac OS X
updates. Joe’s suggestions are based on hard-won experience, so he explains
how to monitor a Mac’s health to detect problems before they cause trouble,
tells readers where to turn if trouble does raise its ugly head, and
debunks commonly suggested panaceas that seldom actually help. Of course,
opinions vary on the merits of some of these tasks, so the ebook contains
conversations with experts about what they do in particular situations. The
ebook even includes a one-page checklist, suitable for posting, as a
reminder of what to do when. “Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac” costs
$10, and is available in a $5-off discounted bundle with “Take Control of
Mac OS X Backups” for $15.

Take Control publisher Adam Engst said, “Everyone agrees that regular
maintenance is a good idea, but how many people have put the effort into
figuring out what’s worth doing and how often to do it? Establishing a
regular maintenance schedule for your Mac doesn’t have to be hard any more,
thanks to Joe’s practical advice, clear explanations, and reminders to
brush and floss daily.”

Free excerpts for publication and review copies available upon request;
just ask!

Book Details:
“Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 86 pages, free 23-page sample available
Publication date: March 9, 2006
Price: $10
ISBN: 1-933671-10-6
Author Interview:

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