CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks, developers of networking and
security software for Macintosh computers, has released version 1.6.1 of
its Eddy-award winning IPNetRouter software.

The new version includes OTModl$Proxy v2.1.5, which fixes a bug in the
“Enable Local NAT” feature The problem arose with users needing the Local
NAT feature, which permits local clients to use the public domain name or
public IP address when addressing a server on the LAN.

IPNetRouter enables Macintosh users to share an Internet connection among a
virtually unlimited number of machines using any operating system,
including Macs, Windows machines, Linux/Unix machines, and Palm OS devices.
The program retails for $89 and a 21-day trial version can be downloaded at

About Sustainable Softworks:
Sustainable Softworks is a small, growing virtual corporation based in
Cumberland, R.I., with employees in Sarasota, Fla., Berkeley, Calif., and
suburban Washington, D.C. The privately-owned company is committed to
helping individuals and small organizations address their computing needs
in a market dominated by larger and more sophisticated customers and
suppliers. The company focuses on developing understandable and affordable
information systems that fit the environment. Rapid innovation and falling
prices have not only created a complex myriad of choices, but have also led
vendors to focus on incorporating advanced features for enterprise
customers who can afford them. Vendors want to sell and support the most
sophisticated technology, and the market is easily influenced to follow the
leaders. What’s lost in this process is a broad market perspective, and
rational evaluation of what is needed and what it will really cost.
Sustainable Softworks offers a mature, insightful view of information
systems with an eye toward pragmatic solutions for both large and small
organizations. The company’s website can be found at