Powder Software Inc. Announces Release of Summit Groupware 2006

Powder Software Inc. announces that Summit Groupware 2006, collaboration
software for Mac enterprise, including email, calendars, contacts and
projects, is available for download.

Summit Groupware 2006

Summit Groupware 2006 provides the core functions of email, contacts,
calendars and projects in one feature rich application for business
communication and collaboration. Users can send and receive email, share
contacts and calendars, schedule meetings, book resources, co-ordinate team
projects with email, calendar and contact tie-ins, as well as keep personal
information private and organized.

Built for both all Mac and mixed platform environments, the Summit
Groupware 2006 email client works with standards compliant mail servers
including Apple Mail Services, Kerio, Sendmail, Qmail and Microsoft
Exchange. Organizations do not need to change from their existing mail
server to take full advantage of all the collaboration functionality built
in to Summit Groupware 2006. The desktop client runs on the Mac, Windows,
Linux and Solaris. Web browser and hand held (PDA) access is synchronized
for real time, so users working away from the office always have up to the
minute information.


– Desktop client for the Mac, Windows, Solaris and Linux

– Web browser access

– Handheld computer access (Palm Treo, Smartphone)

– Central database storage of email, calendar, contact and project data

– Database storage features include hot backups, scalability and security

– Easy application rollouts using Java Web Start

– Easy install and auto updates delivered over the web

– Compatible with standards compliant mail servers.


– Project co-ordination of email, calendar, contacts, documents, and tasks

– Hosting options for smaller organizations with limited IT resources

– FREE single-user version

Summit Groupware 2006 is available for free time unlimited trial for up to
five users at (http://www.powdersoftware.com).

Hosted service of Summit Groupware 2006 is available at

ABOUT POWDER SOFTWARE INC.: Established in 1998, Powder Software Inc.
provides software development and education services in Canada and the
United States. Powder Software Inc.is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.