iLoad-c Delivers Wireless Music Directly to the iPod Nano

When it comes to “feeding” the iPod, the folks at Wingspan are the
Evangelists of the “shortest distance between two points” theory. Today
Wingspan revealed a video demonstration of its iLoad-c, a gadget that
utilizes the music stores proliferating on cell phone networks, to
download music directly to the Apple iPod Nano, without using a computer.

iLoad-c clamps onto a Nano and then connects to your cell carrier’s music
store to download the music directly to the Nano.

Wingspan will provide the device that is initially compatible with the
Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, Cingular and T-Mobile networks and will shortly
begin discussions with Apple and others to enable the WiFi capability
within the device.

iLoad-c is planned for release by mid-Summer at a retail price of $199

Wingspan’s other announced devices include iLoad, a device that copies CDs
to the iPod without using a computer and iLoad-v, a device that connects to
a cable or satellite TV boxes and records video and music onto the iPod
without using a computer.

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