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(font face=3D”Arial” color=3D”#000000″)(b)Gene Inspector=81 for OS X,
now available from Textco BioSoftware
(/b)Bringing a unique combination to biologists – sequence analyses
integrated with an electronic notebook

West Lebanon, New Hampshire
(font face=3D”Arial” color=3D”#000000″)Tuesday, July 20,
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Textco BioSoftware, Inc. today announced the release of Gene
Inspector=81 1.6 built for Macintosh=AE OS X. This popular software
product was originally identified by(i) Macworld(/i) as, "…one
of the best pieces of science software ever released". The
program integrates a comprehensive sequence analysis package and
powerful illustration tools into a versatile electronic research
notebook. The intuitive interface allows users to organize large
amounts of diverse, yet inter-related information, enabling
researchers to plan, annotate, and execute experiments and analyses in
a single application.

Robert H. Gross, Ph.D., co-founder and President of Textco
BioSoftware, designed the original Gene Inspector application for use
in his own research. "With this overhaul of Gene Inspector, we
have capitalized on the power of Mac OS X, and its Aqua interface, to
provide an intuitive tool for researchers to use in their genomic and
proteomic studies," commented Dr. Gross. "The notebook
features help users easily produce documents to summarize and manage
complex experiments, and produce publication quality illustrations.
Gene Inspector’s analysis setups allow parameters to be set and stored
so that consistent results are easy to obtain, even between multiple
users. We are very excited to offer the ability to manipulate and
examine gene and protein sequences in such a graphically expressive

Gene Inspector=81 1.6, currently available exclusively for the Mac,
features more than 60 standard analyses for both nucleic acids and
peptides including multiple sequence alignments, BLAST searching, dot
matrix comparisons, and prediction of the physical properties of
translation-product peptides.

A demo version of Gene Inspector is available for download from the
Textco BioSoftware web site <http://www.Textco.com/>.

Contact for Sales/Marketing:
Roberta Brucks Gross
roberta@textco.com; 603-643-1471

About Textco BioSoftware:
Textco BioSoftware, Inc. (formerly Textco, Inc.), located in West
Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been serving the software needs of
molecular biologists for 20 years – since 1984. Textco’s mission is to
provide high quality, intuitive software to assist molecular
biologists in their research efforts. Textco has provided its
solutions to scientists residing in more than 50 countries worldwide,
engaged in genetic engineering research, drug development, and
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