Mimer SQL now includes Minq Software’s DbVisualizer

Stockholm/Uppsala, Sweden, January 24, 2006 — Minq Software, makers of
DbVisualizer, “The Universal Database Tool”, and Mimer Information
Technology today announced a partnership that allows Mimer Information
Technology to incorporate DbVisualizer as a database front-end tool in its
Mimer SQL database server. DbVisualizer will be included in Mimer SQL for
Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Linux, Windows and other platforms.

The new agreement between Minq Software and Mimer Information Technology
means that a version of DbVisualizer with extended support for Mimer SQL is
included in all new versions of Mimer SQL for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.
DbVisualizer is the leading platform independent and cross database tool
aimed to simplify database development and management for database
administrators and developers. DbVisualizer is integrated in the free
development versions of Mimer SQL available on Mimer’s web site,
http://developer.mimer.se/macosx . The free DbVisualizer version included
with Mimer SQL can be upgraded to a DbVisualizer Personal version by
purchasing a license from Minq Software.

“We’re delighted that Mimer Information Technology has chosen to deliver
DbVisualizer with its Mimer SQL product line” says Roger Bj=E4revall, Produc=
Manager at Minq Software. “The new extended support for Mimer SQL in
DbVisualizer is really awesome as it covers all object types available in
Mimer SQL. Best of all from a technical viewpoint is that the new support
was developed without touching a single line of source code in

“We did a thorough evaluation of several front-end tools looking for a
powerful but yet easy-to-use cross platform tool, and DbVisualizer from
Minq Software fulfils all our requirements.” says Bengt Gunne, Development
Director at Mimer Information Technology. “The DbVisualizer adds
significant value to our Mimer SQL database server, and I’m sure that our
work together with Minq’s developers will extend the functionality even
further in future versions.”

DbVisualizer with extended support for Mimer SQL is available now for
download at Minq Software’s web site.

DbVisualizer is included in the latest Mimer SQL versions (9.2.4 and 9.2.5)
for Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Linux, Solaris and Windows available for
free download from Mimer’s developer site. http://developer.mimer.com.

About Minq Software
Minq Software is a Swedish software company developing, marketing and
selling database software, performance assurance and response time
monitoring products. Founded in 1998, it has been a successful provider of
load testing and database solutions.
More then 200,000 users including many Global 1000 companies, such as: IBM,
Daimler Chrysler, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Bank of America, Toyota,
McKesson and Siemens have selected Minq Software solutions.

About Mimer Information Technology
Mimer Information Technology is a world leader in the field of zero
maintenance DBMSs with its Mimer SQL product. Mimer SQL is an easy-to-use,
high performance and scalable DBMS available for Windows, Mac OS X,
OpenVMS, Linux and other Unix platforms. With Mimer SQL Mobile, the Mimer
SQL product range is extended to smart phones and PDAs from e.g. HP, Nokia
and Sony Ericsson. Examples of customers using Mimer SQL for their
mission-critical systems are Volvo Cars (Sweden), National Blood Service
(England) and DJ Galvanizing (Canada).