Diva 2.1 delivers superb audio quality and tasteful design

London, UK, 14th September, 2006 — Miglia=20
Technology, a leading manufacturer of digital=20
media products, today announces Diva 2.1, a=20
Stylish, contemporary looking set of=20
ultra-compact speakers.

Emilie Marlow, Product Marketing at Miglia=20
Technology, commented: “The beauty of Diva 2.1=20
speakers is that they are entirely portable, and=20
at the same time produce excellent quality of=20
sound. The unique aluminium tube subwoofer=20
ensures that music has a powerful bass and spoken=20
word is delivered in rich, deep tones.”

Diva 2.1 allows you to blast out your favourite=20
music wherever you are. It provides the listener=20
with a warm, clear sound whilst looking great.=20
Diva 2.1 reproduces high sound quality from any=20
source through a standard speaker jack and is=20
perfect for maximising the potential of your=20
iPod. Attention to detail and a high build=20
quality make the Diva 2.1 the first choice for=20
music lovers everywhere.

Key Features

* Great high quality sound

* Powerful bass

* Unique aluminium design

* Compact in size

* Simple and great fun to use

* Two-year warranty

Technical Specifications

* Power Output – RMS: 2x3w + 6w.

* Signal-To-Noise – 70dB

* Frequency Response – 38Hz – 20KHz

* Driver Unit – Subwoofer: 2″ Satellite : 1.5″

* Dimensions (W x H x L) – Subwoofer: W:59mm x H:82mm x L:270mm

* Satellite: W:59mm x H:74.5mm x L:55.5mm

* Warranty: 2 years

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Pricing and availability

Diva 2.1 is available now from Miglia’s=20
distribution partners or online store, for a=20
recommended retail price of $99, =A489, =A369 (all=20
prices are inclusive of VAT). A list of=20
distributors and resellers is available on=20
Miglia’s website:


About Miglia

Miglia Technology Ltd (Miglia) is a leading=20
European manufacturer of digital media products.=20
The company’s products leverage high-end audio,=20
video and voice technologies making them=20
affordable and accessible to a broader consumer=20
marketplace. With offices in the UK, US and Asia,=20
the entire product range is designed and=20
manufactured from these three locations.