OpenOSX Database 2.0, Now Shipping Releases Database 2.0 CD

October 15th, 2001 (Swall Meadows, California, USA)

The OpenOSX Database CD will install and configure a host of powerful
applications with the ease you might expect as a Macintosh user. The second
Edition of the CD brings PostgreSQL and Mac OS 10.0.x through 10.1

The OpenOSX Database CD installs and correctly configures the following
popular programs:

* Apache Web Server 1.3.20
* PHP 4.0.6
* MySQL 3.23.99
* phpMyAdmin 2.20.0
* MyODBC 2.50.38
* iODBC 3.0.5
* pdf_lib 4.0.1 (demo mode)
* PostgreSQL 7.1.2
* phpPGAdmin 2.3

The OpenOSX Database CD is bundled with complete documentation in HTML and
PDF formats, limited technical support and completely configured source
code along with de-installation software.

MySQL is for serving databases on the Internet and enterprise LAN/WANs.
PostgreSQL is a popular alternative to MySQL. These two database servers
are among the most popular solutions available.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the enterprise standard for storing and
sharing data of all types and sizes.

MyODBC/iODBC are standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for
accessing information from different database systems and storage formats.

phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin are browser based interfaces that allow one to
accomplish most day-to-day database administration tasks from a web
browser, by any machine on the WAN/LAN network. phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin
offer the following functionality:

* create and drop databases
* create, copy, drop and alter tables
* delete, edit and add fields
* manage keys on fields
* execute SQL-statements, even batch query
* load text files into tables
* create and read dumps of tables
* export data to ASV values
* administer multiple servers and single databases

Apache Web Server is the robust, full-featured web server that serves the
majority of the World’s web content.

PHP is an industry-strength cross-platform server-side scripting language,
with which you can easily create and serve dynamically generated web pages.

PDF_lib allows the creation of dynamic PDF files. PDF_lib enables the
writing, creation and manipulation of PDF files. This version of PDF_lib is
a demo version.

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