WuffWuffWare releases CoverScout for Mac OS X

Winterhausen, Germany, January 18th, 2006: Who ever imported his CD
collection into iTunes and missed the album artwork of the iTunes Music
Store, can now set missing cover art with CoverScout. The application look
up Amazon or Google for images and can set these in the iTunes library. The
registrated software is available for $8.

The basic functionality of the application is to check the status
(complete, incomplete, none) of the artwork already imported in your iTunes
collection. Furthermore look up various websites (e.g. Amazon, Google,
etc.) with CoverScout to find missing artwork and eventually choose between
multiple images or resolutions. Finally set the cover with one click (right
click) for complete albums in iTunes.

CoverScout is a utility to complete your iTunes music collection with
authentic album artwork from the internet.

More information about CoverScout is available at WuffWuffWare’s website:
(http://www.wuffwuffware.com) and more specifically at

It can be downloaded directly at

WuffWuffWare is developing shareware for the Apple Macintosh and its Mac OS
X since 2002. Besides the Wuff-series applications named WuffCam,
WuffDesktop, and WuffPresenter there is also some electronic text analysis
software available called AnalyzeText.