Protection! Licensing Framework Protects Your Applications and Revenue

jProductivity, L.L.C. has released Protection! v. 2.0, a licensing
framework for Java that ensures that users adhere to the terms of your
applications’ licensing agreements. Protection! lets you embed powerful
license reading and validation code into the components and applications
that you sell, preventing unlicensed use of your software.

Protection! locks out unlicensed users, and ensures that licensed users can
only access those features that they’ve paid for. Whether you license your
software on a per seat basis or a per running copy basis, you have complete
control over the number of copies that can run simultaneously. This latest
release incorporates significant improvements in all major areas, including
new licensing schemas, a new backend, a new Protection! Sales application
designed for the companies’ sales stuff, and enhanced user and developer

Protection! Licensing Framework ensures that the license was issued for the
correct product that only the licensed features are available, that the
license has not expired, that the user has accepted the terms of the
license agreement, and that the proper number of copies are running on the

The tampering subsystem ensures that license information is present, and
that the application has not been patched to circumvent the terms of your
license agreement. The license file generated by Protection! is a strongly
encrypted file, ensuring that no one can break the protection by simple
re-generation of the license file. To achieve this goal, a non-symmetric
cipher algorithm is used where keys used to encrypt and decrypt the license
are different. This approach makes it impossible to restore the private key
by having knowledge of the public key, and vice versa.

It’s easy to create evaluation or trial licenses. The evaluation support
subsystem determines whether the software can continue to operate under the
terms of your license. Whether your application is distributed on a CD or
over the Internet, Protection! Licensing Framework creates trial versions
that can be unlocked and turned into full versions.

The program’s easy-to-use Control Center gives you a convenient location
for product management, license generation, and license maintenance. You
can control an unlimited number of software products, and manage the
features that are available within each version of each application, for
each type of license.

In addition to generating your product license, Protection! also creates
the Java implementation files that you can simply plug into your
application. The license-related Assistants and message dialogs can contain
your custom wording.

Protection! locks out the pirates. This comprehensive framework for Java
solves today’s complex licensing challenges. The program minimizes users’
ability to make unauthorized use of your applications, and frees you to
work on the core functionality that makes your applications great.

New features in version 2.0 include complete Java 5 support; significant
licensing schemas improvements including grace periods and usage-based
expiration; enhanced and additional Assistants to make common licensing
tasks easier; new enhanced Serial Numbers; license generation shortcuts and
orders parsing; new Protection! Sales application designed for companies’
sales staff; and many other application’s functionality, stability and
performance improvements.

Protection! v. 2.0 has been verified for Windows 2000/2003/XP,
Solaris/SPARC/x86, Linux (Red Hat/SuSE/Debian), and Mac OS X. It is based
on Java, and is designed to work on any platform with support for Java 1.4
and higher.

Protection! Standard and Professional cost $407 and $997 respectively for a
single-developer license. Protection! Sales Standard and Professional cost
$49 and $99 respectively for a single user license. Protection! Backend
costs $1,557 per CPU. Multi-user discounts and other pricing schemas are
available. You can download trial versions of Protection! and Protection!
Sales from the company’s web site.