LifeProof has released the LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20, a travel-friendly battery pack built to keep phones, tablets, laptop and hand-held gaming systems charged all day.

With dual 10,000-milliamp batteries and a 74-watt-hour capacity, Power Pack 20 can fully charge a laptop or serve as the sole smartphone power source for a weekend away, according to LifeProof CEO Jim Parke. You can charge Power Delivery-compatible devices like Nintendo Switch or wireless headphones with a dual-roll USB-C connection or speed up the time it takes to charge a Power Delivery-compatible smartphone like the latest iPhones and Android devices.

Power Pack 20 is waterproof to 6.6 feet for up to an hour, drop proof to 6.6 feet and sealed from dirt and snow. An included flashlight feature helps Power Pack 20 serve double duty on the road and saves phones from performing one of their more power-draining functions. Power Pack 20 is available today for $99.99 in black at  LIFEPROOF.COM.