Core Five Creative Launches A public exchange for Lasso custom

Cincinnati, OH — January 18, 2006 — Core Five Creative today announced
the launch of, a new site designed to foster the exchange of
custom tags among Lasso developers.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide this resource for the Lasso
community,” said Jason Huck, President and CTO of Core Five Creative.
“Users of all experience levels can benefit from the growing body of shared
knowledge and code available on the site. We’re launching with 100 custom
tags already in the library, and we’re looking forward to watching that
library expand.”

Visitors to can:

* Download Lasso custom tags anonymously and free of charge. All tags
posted on must be open source and include complete source code.
And, you can download tags without creating an account. (Though
registration is free and encouraged.)

* Post Lasso custom tags for others to use.’s [tag_add] form
helps you document the usage (and open source licensing) of your tag in a
way that will make it easy for other developers to understand. You can copy
and paste your source code directly into the form, or upload a .zip file if
the source is large and/or complex.

* Leave comments about specific tags. Registered users can leave comments
that may be of use to other developers, such as usage/implementation tips,
suggested enhancements and bug fixes, or just a simple “thank you.”

* Stay informed about the newest custom tags. RSS feeds are provided for
the 10 newest tags added, and the 10 most popular tags.

For more information, visit the site at