[PR] Waves in Motion Releases oAzium Smart Card Plug-in
Add smart card technology to any FileMaker Pro solution

Phoenix, AZ –January 9, 2002 – Turn ordinary FileMaker Pro databases into
“smart” solutions with the oAzium Smart Card plug-in. Waves in Motion today
announced the immediate availability of the oAzium Smart Card plug-in and
development kit which comes with everything needed to build a Smart Card
system, including readers, two cards, example files and the oAzium Smart
Card plug-in. The plug-in requires FileMaker Pro 4.0 or higher and runs on
Mac OS 9.0 or higher, Windows 98/2000/NT and is available in beta for Mac


FileMaker Pro developers can now add security, data mobility and
authentication features – all on a computerized smart card – to easily
integrate smart card technology in any FileMaker Pro solution.

“The oAzium Smart Card plug-in will bring power of smart card technology to
FileMaker Pro,” said Vince Menanno, President of Waves in Motion. “It opens
up a whole new world of development opportunities.”


– Cross-platform
– Build and integrate smart card systems for FileMaker Pro
– Encrypted data stored on a microchip “smart card”
– Trigger a script when the smart card is inserted & removed
– Create and delete fields on the smart card
– Read and write data from a database to the smart card
– Three levels of access – Admin, User and World

The oAzium Smart Card plug-in comes complete with functional smart card
example files, including event management, school lunch program and
employee time tracking. FileMaker Pro developers can use the smart card to
build systems for:

– Data Security
– Event Management
– Subscriptions services
– Commerce systems
– Sales systems
– Attendance systems
– Registration systems
– Testing systems
– Library systems
– Equipment rentals

The Smart Card plug-in retails for $189 and supports Windows 98/2000/NT and
Mac OS 9.0 or higher. Currently available in beta for Mac OS X. For more
information visit (http://www.wmotion.com/smartcard).

* * *

Waves in Motion is a full service development and consulting firm
specializing in FileMaker Pro enabling technologies and offers database
needs analysis, custom consulting and co-located web hosting. Popular
developer tools and solutions include Analyzer, Visualizer, Dragon Web
Surveys, Course Wizard and a suite of oAzium Plug-ins – Events, Portal
Filter, Date and Time, FileTools and Smart Card. Waves in Motion is a
Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and a member of the
Apple Solutions Experts.