Invitation to All Musicians and Music Labels to Embed Synchronized Lyrics
in Every Song for iTunes/iPod using iStar Composer

January 3, 2006 — Script Software ( announced today
an open invitation to all musicians and music publishers to start adding
synchronized lyrics to every song they create using iStar Composer.

“Downloadable music is convenient but it has been missing one critical item
and that is LYRICS! In the 60’s and 70’s on the back of the record albums
were the lyrics to the songs later in the 80’s and 90’s CD’s had the lyrics
on the inserts. Amazingly, downloadable music has not included the
lyrics.”, stated Ben Dunton, software designer, “iStar Composer remedies
this loss by being the first and ONLY software that makes it easy for
anyone to quickly embed synchronized lyrics in any song and even have them
display sequentially in iTunes and on their iPods!”

There is a constant battle to convince users to abandon music piracy and
purchase their music legally. By adding synchronized lyrics to their music,
musicians and music publishers add value for the music lover, providing yet
another reason to purchase rather then pirate music.

“iStar Composer doesn’t just add text. What makes it really stand out, for
me, is the addition of karaoke timed lyrics to any song,” said musician
Marty Howe. “This means when you hear a line you can see that line
immediately in iTunes and on the iPod. Its both obvious and a breakthrough.
Apple or Microsoft should buy this. I want my music to have embedded lyrics
and I wish all music came like this.”

Download iStar Composer and see examples (music, podcasts, speeches) of
lyric-enabled music here:

iStar Composer can be used for editing and displaying lyrics, opera, plays,
musicals, karaoke, jokeoke (where people imitate a Robin Williams or other
comedy routine), poetryoke (poems done to music), children’s stories or
children music, church music, lyrics/text for the hearing impaired,
translation of text/lyrics, text for podcasts, display of text for any
audio track. Seeing just the title of the song and the artist’s on an iPod
is not using its full potential.

“iStar Composer was designed to make it easy to add synchronized lyrics in
minutes to any song. I personally want to invite every musician to try out
the software and contact us if they have any questions,” Julian Miller, CEO
of Script Software said, “It won’t be long before downloadable music will
be judged not just on the song’s quality but also on what is included, such
as synchronized lyrics or other multimedia.”

iStar Composer is $30. This version allows publishers to embed lyrics in
any song. A musician or music publisher that owns the copyrights for that
song can then distribute it with the embedded lyrics the same as any other
downloadable song. iStar Composer works with Apple’s DRM for iTunes.


Script Software today issued an open invitation to musicians and music
publishers to add synchronized lyrics to all music for distribution. iStar
Composer finds lyrics, but more importantly allows synchronizing them to a
song line by line. iStar Composer then allows exporting this new
composition to a new music file (AAC) that contains embedded lyrics that
play/display in iTunes and on the iPod. By displaying the lyrics iStar
Composer adds a new dimension to the iPod and iTunes. Before iStar Composer
only the song and title was seen in iTunes and on the iPod. Now iStar
Composer allows musicians to embed and people to enjoy reading or singing
along with the song. Much more is coming…


Script Software has been making essential software for the Macintosh and
Windows since 1987. They are the creators of the award winning CopyPaste,
iClock, iKey, iWatermark, KnowledgeMiner, iBeenFramed, Project Timer Pro,
ID Tunes, iSay, Easy Card, iStar Karaoke and now iStar Composer.