AOLMemoImporter is available for America Online/Tiger Users!

2 JANUARY 2006, HAYMARKET, VA. Midnight Mage Software announced the release
of their new AOLMemoImporter, a Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) Spotlight Importer. At
last, AOL Client customers can use Spotlight to search the content of all
of their AOL Memos.

Spotlight is one the most useful and innovative new features of Mac OS
10.4. Tiger users are quickly learning to rely on this tool. With
Spotlight, they can find almost anything, anywhere on their computer.
Spotlight maintains an internal database of all data it understands, so
that the users can search the content of their files at a moments notice.
Unfortunately, the built-in importers (plug-ins that actually parse the
files) that Apple provides does not support the AOL Memo format. Nor is AOL
currently providing a solution. Midnight Mage Software steps forward to
fill this need with AOLMemoImporter. AOL Memos are Rich Text Document
(variable font text & images) that AOL members have been creating for
years. At this time, the AOLMemoImporter does not search AOL Mail Files nor
the AOL Mailbox information.

Simply download the AOLMemoImporter Installer at http:// The Installation Wizard will
step the customer through the install process, asking for name, email
address & credit card information. Once purchased, the installer will place
the components in the correct folder, and sort any existing AOL Memo files.
From this point on, any new files created are automatically sorted into the
Spotlight database for quick searches. Once installed, AOLMemoImporter
provides the full power of Spotlight to AOL Client customers. Users can
view the results of a search literally as fast as they can type in search

Finally the power of Tiger combined with America Online.

AOLMemoImporter is commercial product, and a single-user registration
purchase costs $19.99.

Midnight Mage is a development group based in Haymarket, Virginia whose
goal is to provide useful and time saving applications to the Mac OS X
users at an affordable price. Midnight Mage Software plans to offer a wide
range of applications for increased productivity needs (as well as a few
NON-productivity needs). They believe good software can be divided into two
categories: programs that quickly complete tasks for you, thus saving you
time, and programs that entertain you, thus using up your time in an
enjoyable manner.

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AOLMemoImporter requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above (commonly referred to as
Tiger). It provides Spotlight search capabilities to Mac OS 10.4 for AOL
Memo files (not AOL Mail files or AOL Mailboxes).