Eltima Software releases freeware SWF Movie Player for Mac.

Enjoy your Flash movies collection on your favorite platform.

SWF Movie Player by Eltima Software is a free, small and streamlined Flash
player for Mac OS, which features a lot of unique and convenient
extensions, such as zooming, playlist, SWF Info, standard movie controls
— everything which standard Flash lacks.

Based on the standard Macromedia Flash player for Mac OS X, SWF Movie
Player by Eltima Software offers advanced features that allow you to play,
rewind, fast-forward and preview SWF files frame-by-frame, and also create
and manage playlists, zoom movies in and out, fit to current window size or
restore to original one, set playback quality, control Flash security,
check SWF file’s comprehensive information and lots more.

Among other useful features you may discover unique algorithms to find out
whether the Flash movie has been finished, which is not always a simple
task since quite a few of SWF files are not played till the ending frame or
play repeatedly. Switching into a zooming mode is no longer a pain: you may
easily see zoomed image boundaries as well as navigate within a Zoom
Drawer. Once in a zoom mode you can disable dragging and use all those
interactive controls that SWF file provides (not available in other SWF
players). With advanced Flash security option you may restrict access to
non-local resources (URL/images/third-party SWF files) and run SWF files
“in a sandbox”.

Created with the simplicity and resource efficiency in mind, SWF Movie
Player provides absolute control of the playback and lets you manage Flash
movies at your fingertips. Packed with various customizable options, it
provides clean and intuitive interface which will suite even the most
refined taste. And all of that is offered to Mac users absolutely free.

Company: http://mac.eltima.com/macos.html
Product Page: http://mac.eltima.com/freeflashplayer.html
Download: http://mac.eltima.com/downloadplayer.html
Screenshot: http://mac.eltima.com/screenshots/viewflash.html