ALAMEDA, CA, April 11, 2001 — NuSpectra today released SiteZAP
6.0.5, an update for all registered SiteZAP 6.0 users, available free
at (

SiteZAP 6.0 is an easy to use application which turns your Powerbook,
G4, or iMac into a Webcasting server, and provides Pan/Tilt/Zoom
telerobotic camera control via any web browser. SiteZAP provides live
streaming audio and video through any broadband Internet connection
allowing camera access from anywhere.

SiteZAP’s navigational interface makes it easy to center the camera
on the desired view with just a point and click. Other features
include easy to operate scroll bars, queue status, custom AppleScript
support and a compass rose to tell you where the camera is pointing.
Several Web page examples are given for Macromedia Flash and straight
HTML. SiteZAP also provides complete, easy access archiving.

SiteZAP integrated camera systems are in use throughout the world to
monitor activities in a wide range of situations, including:
construction sites, schools and universities, cultural events,
eCommerce showrooms, sporting events, security & corporate areas,
entertainment and video conferencing. SiteZAP systems start at
$1,995. For more information, see (