Over the course of the past week MacDesktops posted 14 new desktop pictures, including: Parga beach (Landscapes – Water), Field of Ice (Flora), and Boston Sunset (Landscapes – Urban). Mandolux has issued three new dual-monitor desktops: Deere, Hielo (Ice), and Insert in Slot, while MacMonkies are offering two new icon sets and four new desktops. InterfaceLIFT has posted 10 new desktops for Apple Cinema Displays and 3 icon sets: 501st Clone, MPlayer, and Christmas Dinner. Digidiesel has released nine new desktops specifically designed for 20″ iMac users, and The Iconfactory has posted four new Stock Icon Add-on sets targeting the multimedia market at stockicons.com and ‘Agua’ freeware icons for CandyBar.