AutoShare 1.1, a freeware listserver and auto-responder for AIMS, has been
released and may be downloaded from
and also from the temporary mirror sites at
until it’s up on Info-Mac in the comm/tcp/mail directory.

Version 1.1 offers
-bug fixes, list-specific features and is fully scriptable
-comes complete with documentation and script samples
-the AutoShare Admin, a new administration tool, which may be
used locally or remotely on AppleTalk network
-subscription, open, moderated, announcement and private lists
-AIMS and AutoShare may reside on separate AppleTalk Macs
-CodeWarrior versions native to both 68K and PowerPC
-lists in the 100’s and subscribers in the 1000’s per list
-very stable beta track record
-new poll auto-response feature

Mikael Hansen (