Paragon Software Group, a developer of electronic dictionaries for
mobile devices and desktop computers, has released Oxford
dictionaries for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) — the Concise Oxford
English Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, the Concise Oxford Thesaurus,
the Oxford Russian Dictionary and the Oxford German Dictionary, Third

The most authoritative coverage of English vocabulary is coupled with
Paragon’s advanced SlovoEd engine to bring premium dictionary content
directly to the users’ desk, according to Evan Schnittman, Vice
President of Global Business Development at OUP. The original
dictionary was adapted to the electronic versions for Mac users’
convenience to provide extensive translation or word definition by
simply pointing the cursor over the word in question. The detailed
word definitions are accompanied by usage and a native British sound
module of 20,000 words, transcription, grammar information, and color
markup. Using unique compression technology, the dictionaries provide
a very fast word database browsing and instant word search.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary database contains more than
240,000 words, phrases and definitions. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus
contains over 365,000 synonyms and antonyms.

The Oxford German Dictionary includes more than 320,000 words and
phrases, as well as 520,000 translations. The Oxford Russian
Dictionary covers more than 75,000 entries, 185,000 references,
290,000 translations including British and American English, regional
Russian dialects along with numerous illustrative examples.

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary is available for EURO 39,95;
the Concise Oxford Thesaurus is available for EURO 29,95; the Oxford
Russian Dictionary and the Oxford German Dictionary are available for
EURO 69,95. The dictionaries can be downloaded from .