Two new ebooks offer essential guidance to Apple Mail users

Ithaca, NY USA (November 29, 2005) — With the addition of Spotlight
searching, smart mailboxes, photo management, and HTML support, the Tiger
version of Apple Mail provides unmatched capabilities. But Mail 2.0 lacks
detailed independent documentation about how to make the most of these new
features, a gap now filled by a pair of essential Take Control ebooks, the
new 184-page “Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger” and an updated-for-Tiger
version of the 66-page “Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail.” The ebooks
are available separately or in a discounted bundle for $12.50.

In the $10 “Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger,” best-selling ebook author
Joe Kissell teaches readers about the different email protocols Mail
supports, the best ways to set up new accounts, how to import messages and
addresses, and how to manage Mail’s parental controls. That’s just the
beginning, as Joe next explains how to customize incoming mail views for
fast browsing of messages, control styles in incoming messages, display
slideshows of attached photos, reply to meeting invitations, find messages
using Spotlight, and organize mail into smart mailboxes. Then, he turns to
outgoing mail, offering quick ways to address messages, tricks for sending
attachments, and information on Mail’s new HTML support. Readers will also
find seven key bits of advice about rules, five ways to improve the
Previous Recipients list used for spam filtering and address completion,
and six suggestions for smart mailboxes. Going beyond the feature set, Joe
offers solutions to connection problems, fixes for damaged mailboxes, and
tweaks to improve Spotlight’s accuracy. An extensive glossary and 11-page
resource list of Mail-related products anchor the ebook.

The $5 “Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail” focuses on helping readers
manage the constant flood of spam. Along with background information about
the types of spam, why we receive so much of it, and how to handle
fraudulent messages, Joe explains exactly how Apple Mail’s Junk Mail filter
works, discusses six ways to optimize the Junk Mail filter, and offers
advice about keeping the Previous Recipients list an effective aid in
filtering spam. If Mail’s built-in capabilities aren’t sufficient, Joe also
gives recommendations for add-on spam filtering software that can prove
even more effective at eliminating spam.

“It feels as though we’re all drowning in email, and that’s before you
factor in spam,” said Take Control publisher Adam Engst. “The best way for
Mail users to deal with email overload is to make optimal use of the
powerful tools Apple has provided with the Tiger version of Mail, and Joe’s
ebooks are the best resource available on the topic.”

Book Details:
“Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 184 pages, free 33-page sample available
Publication date: November 28, 2005
Price: $10
ISBN: 1-933671-02-5

“Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 66 pages, free 15-page sample available
Publication date: November 26, 2005
Price: $5
ISBN: 1-933671-03-3

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