TidBITS Electronic Publishing today announced “Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger” and “Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail“, by best-selling ebook author Joe Kissell, who teaches readers about the different email protocols Mail supports, the best ways to set up new accounts, how to import messages and addresses, and how to manage Mail’s parental controls. “With the addition of Spotlight searching, smart mailboxes, photo management, and HTML support, the Tiger version of Apple Mail provides unmatched capabilities. But Mail 2.0 lacks detailed independent documentation about how to make the most of these new features, a gap now filled by a pair of essential Take Control ebooks, the new 184-page ‘Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger’ (US$10) and an updated-for-Tiger version of the 66-page ‘Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail’ ($5). The ebooks are available separately or in a discounted bundle for $12.50.”