The Alternative to Adobe

Nov 24, 2005

Universe Software GmbH has introduced a new and inexpensive alternative to
Adobe Acrobat Professional for creating PDF documents and forms —
pdf-Office Professional 4.0. This software makes it possible for users to
create PDF forms quickly and easily — with complete functionality that
free Acrobat Reader can handle.

Based in Neuss, Germany, Universe Software GmbH has developed a software
package specifically aimed at users wishing to create professional PDF
forms easily and intuitively; the pdf-Office Professional interface is
similar to that of Word. Texts can be entered directly, while form fields,
graphics and so on can be positioned by drag and drop.

The latest pdf-Office Professional version not only allows PDF forms to be
created from scratch; existing PDF files created by other programs can now
be imported and used as templates. Adding form fields with additional
calculations or JavaScript to the template is child’s play. Forms created
in pdf-Office Professional can be shown using a launcher for Acrobat Reader
immediately after creation to test functionality, allowing the user to
check for possible data entry errors. All additions to the template and the
PDF template itself can then be saved together as a new PDF file.

Naturally, pdf-Office Professional supports all PDF security settings,
including 128-bit encryption for ideal document protection. Once created,
templates can be altered or added to at any time.

New features at a glance:

* Import und editing of existent PDF files

* Improvement in handling of graphics

* Improvement in copy&paste of formatted texts

* Add graphics to button fields

* Improvement in handling of form field borders

* Snap to grid feature — now in all Zoom levels

In Version 4.0 pdf-Office Professional is now an interesting and powerful
alternative to Adobe Professional at a far lower price.

The program is available for Windows 95 and later, Mac OS X and Linux, and
costs =A4114.84 incl. VAT. UNIVERSE Software has kept to its usual practice
of including updates and upgrades in the price. A free test version is
available for download at (