Digital Technology International Announces FaceSpan 3.0

Orem, Utah — December 31,1997 — Digital Technology International
announced today that it will be demonstrating FaceSpan 3.0 at Macworld Expo
in San Francisco next week.

What is FaceSpan?

FaceSpan 3.0 (expected to ship the first week of February 1998) is the
latest version of Digital Technology’s cutting edge, interface design and
rapid application development (RAD) tool. FaceSpan affords its users the
power to build and customize Macintosh applications quickly and easily.

What can be done with FaceSpan?

FaceSpan works in conjunction with AppleScript or any other OSA (open
scripting architecture) language and makes it easy to:

– Automate often-repeated tasks.
– Customize existing applications.
– Integrate the functionality of multiple applications.
– Rapidly build applications and prototypes.
– Personalize the Macintosh computing environment.

New Features

Features new to FaceSpan 3.0 allow users to:

– Create interfaces and applications that conform to the Mac OS 8 look and
– Utilize new supported display objects such as tab panels, disclosure
triangles and bevel buttons.
– Define linkages that hide/show window items when another item is hilited.
– Develop hierarchical menus and assign command key modifiers directly.
– Edit project scripts with increased support for external script editors.
– Select applications over which floating windoids should appear.
– Launch FaceSpan applications up to 5X faster.

Pricing and Availability

FaceSpan (expected to ship the first week of February 1998) can be
purchased immediately at a special preorder price of only US$149 (list
price US$199). Upgrade pricing is also available.

About Digital Technology International

Digital Technology International, founded in 1981, is a privately held
company which develops software for the publishing industry and
productivity tools for software developers, programmers, MIS professionals,
consultants and savvy Macintosh users.

Press Contact:

Brandon Kunz
Product Manager, FaceSpan