GarageGames today announced the release of the Torque Game Engine (TGE) 1.4, featuring hundreds of technology enhancements, from improved work flow and tutorials, to localization support and editor updates. “Current enthusiasts and commercial users can upgrade for free and take advantage of significant improvements that make the engine easier to use right out of the box, enhance the localization process, and make the GUI and World editors simpler through a new, integrated graphical tree-view. Additionally, version 1.4 features integrated Unicode font rendering, enhanced map2dif interiors, and better support for Mac OS X and Theora video codec.” Full commercial usage on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms is priced at US$495, while the company’s indie license is $100 for developers making less than $250,000 annually. Both licenses are royalty-free, offer unlimited publishing, private forum access, membership in the Torque Developer Network wiki, and access to the company’s vast online resources and documentation.