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SoftRAID 3.3 ships; Faster mirror rebuilds and Disk Warrior compatibility

November 7, 2005 — Mendocino, CA — SoftRAID, LLC is pleased to announce
the shipping of SoftRAID version 3.3, with full Mac OS 10.4.3
compatibility. With this release, SoftRAID 3.3 improves its Mirror rebuild
technology, moves towards Intel compatibility, and fixes several minor bugs
including a conflict with Disk Warrior.

Mirror rebuilds are significantly improved under SoftRAID 3.3. Volume
optimization algorithms have been changed to make Mirror rebuilds faster
and more transparent. Volumes optimized for Workstation and Server now get
higher rebuilding priority from the OS, allowing faster rebuilds regardless
of other disk activity.

SoftRAID 3.3 fixes a conflict with DiskWarrior 3 under Mac OS 10.4, which
prevented users from using the popular diagnostic and repair utility with
the SoftRAID 3.2.x driver.

SoftRAID 3.3 improves compatibility with third-party SATA cards,
enclosures, and drives. SoftRAID 3.3’s main window now assigns each SATA
bus a unique bus ID.

“Our engineers continue to refine SoftRAID 3 to give our customers the best
backup and archive solution available,” said Miriam Block, Managing
Director. “We have also invested considerable time working with third
parties to test their hardware configurations to ensure compatibility with

Block also noted that SoftRAID is nearing completion on Mac-Intel
compatibility and expects to be ready when Apple releases the first
Intel-based hardware for Mac OS X.

For more information about SoftRAID 3, and for review copies, contact us at

The SoftRAID 3.3 release is a free electronic upgrade to all 3.x owners.
The SoftRAID 3.3 electronic download is $129 and the retail CD is $149,
both available from the SoftRAID website and retail outlets worldwide. All
registered users will receive a free upgrade via email.

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