Atlanta, GA – November 7, 2005 – Fall in Love with Objective-C Mini-
Bootcamp, February 11-12, 2006

If you are not a programmer, but would like to write applications for
Mac OS X, this is the way to start. Stay for two days, and go home an
Objective-C programmer. Stay for five more days, and go home ready to
write full-featured Cocoa applications.

Whether the student takes the mini-bootcamp individually or pairs it
with the Cocoa Bootcamp, the Objective-C Mini-Bootcamp is the ideal
primer for students wishing to quickly learn and master this
outstanding programming tool. The key principles and concepts of
programming in Objective-C are taught by programming guru, Steve
Kochan, and are condensed into an intensive two-day format.

Students attending the class will emerge fully equipped to begin
writing code in Objective-C and demonstrate mastery in the following

understanding classes, objects and methods
understanding data types and expressions
defining classes and writing instance and class methods
using inheritance
polymorphism and the joys of dynamic typing
working with the preprocessor
utilizing underlying C features and the basic Foundation classes
retaining and releasing objects to prevent memory leaks
This course is expressly designed for the newcomer to C and Object-
Oriented programming and does not require previous experience in
either area. The course is perfect for novice programmers or
programmers adept in other coding languages seeking to expand their
skills in a new area. For those wishing to take on the challenge of
Cocoa programming, and particularly those wanting to enroll in the
Cocoa Bootcamp offered by the Big Nerd Ranch, attending this mini-
bootcamp provides the necessary foundation to move on to more
advanced OOP training and eliminates potential learning curve issues.

“When we first tried this combination, we weren’t sure what the
response would be,” mused Aaron Hillegass, Big Nerd Ranch founder.
“What we found was that we had more inquiries than we could
accommodate. Many people came just for the weekend mini-bootcamp, but
even more stayed for the Cocoa Bootcamp that followed. Students that
combined the two classes were much better equipped going into the
Cocoa Bootcamp and for those who only took the mini-class, they
walked away with an incredible learning experience that they could
immediately put into practice the following Monday.”

The instructor for the class, Steve Kochan, is the author and co-
author of several bestselling books on the C language, including:
Programming in C, Programming in ANSI C, and Topics in C Programming.
He also has written a number of titles for UNIX including Exploring
the UNIX System and UNIX Shell Programming. His recently published
introductory book, Programming in Objective-C, will be used as the
course textbook and his most recent work, Beginning Apple Script, has
just been released by Wiley publishing in their Wrox programmer-to-
programmer series. In addition to writing, Mr. Kochan also spent
several years teaching UNIX and C classes at AT&T Bell Laboratories.
In 1985, he started his own company, Pipeline Associates, which he
sold in 1997.

The Objective C Mini-Bootcamp can be taken on its own for $1000 or
can be taken in conjunction with the Cocoa Bootcamp that runs
February 13-17 for a combined discounted cost of $4300. Students
interested in the course should make their reservations early as it
is likely to sell out.

For more information on this class please visit

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix
and Mac OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA.
Class price of $3500 includes lodging, all meals, original
instruction materials, 24-hour lab access, and transportation to and
from the Atlanta airport. Students are encouraged to bring
independent projects to class, allowing for input from classmates and
individual instructor attention. For more information, call
678-595-6773 or visit