Virtual Bridges ( has released the newest
version of its virtual desktop infrastructure suite with the release
of Virtual Bridges’ Verde 3.0 software.The new version f inally
brings the Mac community into the fold by providing access to Windows
and Linux virtual desktop sessions from Mac clients.

Verde offers the ability to run both Windows and Linux desktop
“guest” sessions. Version 3.0 enables MSP’s to support multiple
tenants in a managed environment that delivers desktops in the cloud
to both non-profit, SMB and enterprise users. Partners like Midas
Networks offer both a “Premium” desktop based on Windows and Office
and a “Value” desktop based on Linux and the IBM Client for Smart

Verde 3.0 has a fully-loaded cost including VDI software, server
hardware and user storage of roughly US$200 per user. With the new
version, Mac users can now participate in VDI deployments together
with Windows and Linux access points bringing the power of VDI to the
entire desktop community.