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CarClip for the iPod mini Released

Music lovers have been struggling for years to find an appropriate holder
for their iPods while driving their vehicles. That ends today with the
release of the CarClip for the iPod mini. The CarClip conveniently puts the
iPod at eye level when hung from the vehicle’s rear view mirror and is
compatible with most FM transmitters and audio cassette adapters.

The CarClip is engineered from a single piece of laser-cut, hand-molded,
clear acrylic plastic designed to fit the iPod. The simple, yet elegant
design, is accompanied by a colorful set of patent pending rubber Fishband
motion buffers. These elastics go through the CarClip and around the center
knob of the rear view mirror to prevent swaying.

The CarClip also comes with a Universal Auto Attachment and a pair of 3M
CommandStrips for older model vehicle compatibility or mounting in other

A two-day launch promotion includes a FREE product giveaway starting
November 1st to lucky customers placing direct orders online. Every 7th
customer order will receive a refund of the purchase price during the
promotional period. Details available at

For more information, visit The CarClip for the
iPod mini sells for $24.95 and is available now. The CarClip for the iPod
nano ships November 8th.