Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Apple’s iPad mini is expected to be unveiled this month, but supply chain Problems may limit the number of units Apple can sell in the device’s first quarter. Still, analysts expect that the device will have ‘iconic aesthetics’ and ‘blow away’ the Android-based competition.” — “The MacObserver” (

“With Production of Apple’s new, smaller iPad believed to now be underway, alleged parts continue to surface, with claimed headphone jacks and flex cables being the latest leak.” — “AppleInsider” (

“An Australian tech blog on Wednesday reportedly purchased two separate ‘iPad mini’ cases made by accessories manufacturer Cygnett after allegedly finding the Products at an undisclosed retail outlet.” — “AppleInsider” (

“An online parts vendor is claiming to have headphone jacks and flex cables for Apple’s unreleased iPad mini, notes The jacks notably come in black and white versions, suggesting that Apple plans to offer two colors for the device as it does for the iPhone and full-sized iPad. They also appear to solidify a transition in the nature of leaks for the Mini; whereas early ones revolved mostly around mockups, people are now claiming access to Production parts.” — “MacNN” (

Wait! Here’s one that’s NOT about the iPad mini:

“Apple appears to be in the process of rolling out TV shows to the Apple TV and iTunes in the Cloud in Germany, reports say. A TV option is showing up in the Apple TV’s interface, and lists shows as available for purchase, though not for rent, which was previously the case with the German version of the iTunes Store. Confusing the situation further is that some people have seen the Movies item removed from the main section of the Apple TV UI, though that could be temporary.” — “MacNN” (