CTM Introduces FoxTrot Personal Search

SAN FRANCISCO–October 11, 2005 — CTM Development today introduced FoxTrot
Personal Search (datasheet – website – download), a revolutionary
full-featured find-by-content application for Mac OS X 10.4, 10.3 and 10.2.

Expanding the possibilities of Apple’s Spotlight, FoxTrot delivers dynamic
categorization, context-sensitive display of found items, flexible
relevance-ranking and five different approaches to searches (exact words,
wildcards, literal, single term and complex patterns).

“FoxTrot Personal Search takes finding by content several steps further,
giving designers, lawyers, scientists, and software engineers better tools
to “zero in” on their valuable reference and personal documents,” commented
Chantal Favre of CTM.

Used in conjuction with the latest Mac OS X system software, FoxTrot can
index, search and preview PDF, Word, Excel, iTunes, QuickTime, iChat, Mail,
PowerMail and over 300 other types of data files and their associated

Pricing & Availability

FoxTrot Personal Search version 1 (1.0.1) is available today for 29 Euro
(35 US$ at current rates) from www.foxtrot.ch. 5-user packs cost 99 Euro
(119 US$ at current rates)

An evaluation version is available (download) which will search for an
unlimited period (indexing is free during 60 days).

Further FoxTrot-based products

Previously available only within PowerMail e-mail client, the FoxTrot core
technology SDK (software development kit) by CTM will be available in Q4
for licensing to software developers on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS

About CTM

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1985, CTM Development has specialized in
personal search solutions and messaging since its 1991 release of
cross-platform telephone directories and the 1995 introduction of the
PowerMail e-mail client.

For additional information visit CTM’s website at www.ctmdev.com