Unity Dashboard Widget Challenge Winners Announced

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — September 13, 2005 — We’re proud to announce the
winners of the Unity Dashboard Widget Challenge, the most high- tech
Dashboard Widget making contest in the known Universe.

13 teams and individuals competed for two weeks and made as many Dashboard
Widgets. The results were extremely impressive. In this short time span,
people managed to get weird, funky, cool stuff working. We were blown away.

And so was Apple. Two winners from the contest have already been chosen
Featured Downloads on Apple.com, which has loaded our servers heavily.

Let us introduce the winners in three categories. They can all be
downloaded from http://otee.dk/widget-challenge.html. Casual entertainment

The People’s Love Ballot

This prize was awarded for getting most popular votes.

The winner, with most popular votes, is Open Fire Beta 12. It’s such an
addictive game, and what a wonderful lot of love it generated.

The runner up is Banana Warehouse, a game that gave Open Fire Beta 12 a run
for it’s money. As an aside, Banana Warehouse was chosen as the Featured
Download on Apple.com for a whole week. Good work!

Grand Prix Of The Jury

This prize was awarded by a select team of specialists from the ranks of OTEE.

The winner is Overwhelmed Arena, a polished isometric space-shooter with 4
spaceships to pick from, 2 levels of game play, live arena-cam, advanced
enemy AI…. there’s simply no end to it. It would have been impressing
even if it hadn’t been done it in two weeks. Overwhelmed Arena has also
been chosen as the Featured Download on Apple.com for a whole week.

The runner up is Isle of the Tower guard. A beautiful 3D environment to
explore. Impressive art. The Jury is looking forwards to seeing more.

The Project Files Of Deep Wisdom

Additional prizes were awarded contestant games that were open- sourced for
the benefit of the community.

The winner is SpaceDoc. This project shows impressive use of scripting
concepts such as co-routines and some good design. It has good potential to
be the basis for other games of a similar type.

The runner up is Sol System Defender. This project contains several good
ideas and has an interesting structure. It’s also excellently commented for

Download the winners and the other contestants from http://otee.dk/


UNITY is a 3D game editor which happens to contain one of the most advanced
game engines in existence. Packed with power it is built to meet the steep
demands of next-generation game developers and cut cost at all stages of

Unity is the only Mac-based high-end game development tool sporting a
stylish pro-app GUI, no-friction work flow and top-of-the-line technical
features such as extensible graphics, great particle effects, highly
optimized scripting, the Ageia physX Engine, skinned character animation
and ragdolls.

Creating their first game GooBall this spring, OTEE demonstrated how Unity
can uniquely improve productivity. GooBall contains 60 varied levels of
acclaimed graphics, and was made by a team of three over the course of just
4 months. GooBall was published by the proven Macintosh publisher Ambrosia
Software. Now, the content creation package powering it is ready for the
world. The next game production of OTEE is a serious game title about the
Israel-Palestine conflict produced in collaboration with Electronic Arts
and the United Nations.

More info at http://otee.dk