Sonnet Introduces PowerBook G4 TiBook Processor Upgrade Service

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA– September 14, 2005–Sonnet Technologies, a worldwide
leader in upgrades for Apple Macintosh computers and iPod digital music
players, announces the introduction of its new PowerBook G4 TiBook
processor upgrade service for PowerBook G4 550 MHz and 667 MHz (VGA)
models. The upgrade features a powerful Freescale 7447A G4 processor
running at 1.2 GHz, and is equipped with 512K L2 onboard cache (twice the
original processor’s) running at full processor speed.

Until now, all of Sonnet’s processor upgrades have been standalone products
created for DIY installation, and offer users a simply fast way to
accelerate their Macs. Due to the complexity of replacing these PowerBook
CPUs, Sonnet opted to start the PowerBook G4 TiBook upgrade service and
take over the installation task. The service includes the purchase of the
upgrade, and full installation and testing of the upgraded computer by
highly trained technicians. The TiBook upgrade service creates a path for
PowerBook G4 owners to obtain faster clock speed and higher performance.
The end result is maximum performance gains and 100% compatibility with
existing hardware, RAM, and software–qualities that you have come to
expect from a Sonnet upgrade.

The entire process is simple and worry-free. After receiving the order,
Sonnet sends out a custom, padded shipping box for the PowerBook. The
customer packs the PowerBook, ships it back to Sonnet, where it is
inspected, upgraded and tested, and then packed and shipped back. The
customer merely needs to unpack the upgraded TiBook and enjoy the extra

OS Compatibility
Compatible with Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X through Version 10.4.x

Hardware Compatibility
PowerBook G4 550 (Titanium), Part no. TIBOOK-550-1200
PowerBook G4 667 VGA (Titanium), Part no. TIBOOK-667-1200

Pricing and Availability
The PowerBook G4 TiBook upgrade service cost is $499.95 plus tax (where
applicable) and shipping. It is available exclusively through Sonnet
Technologies for customers living within the United States.

For more information about the PowerBook G4 TiBook Upgrade service, please
refer to the Sonnet web site at:

About Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
Sonnet Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, is a
worldwide leader in processor upgrade cards, ATA disk controller cards, and
other enhancement products for Apple Macintosh computers and iPod digital
music players. After Apple Computer, Inc., Sonnet is the largest producer
of PowerPC processor-based products in the computer industry. Founded in
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