Group Logic Delivers Lightning-Quick Search Performance in ExtremeZ-IP 4.1

Searches at Speeds Up to 150x Faster than SFM

September 9, 2005 (Arlington, VA) – Group Logic, developer of best-selling
network workflow software products, today announced the release of version
4.1 of its ExtremeZ-IP software product. This version of the Group Logic
file and print server product line is designed to provide organizations
operating in dual-platform environments with stable and compatible
Windows-based file and print server solutions for Mac OS X as well as Mac
OS 9. Available to customers in October, ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 includes major
performance improvements that make the product’s file name search
functionality up to 150 times faster than Services for Macintosh (SFM) and
up to 600 times faster than the Mac OS X SMB Client. This latest update
helps improve overall productivity by helping users find and access files
more quickly. Group Logic customers who own a license for version 4.0 and
have an active Maintenance and Support Contract can update to 4.1 for free.

According to GISTICS Incorporated, creative professionals spend 10% of
their time managing files, with one-third of that time spent hunting for
the file or job they need. “We=92re helping people find the resources they
need faster,” says T. Reid Lewis, President of Group Logic. “With the
Spotlight feature of Mac OS X Tiger, users expect near instantaneous search
results. ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 update delivers search results in seconds at
speeds unmatched in the industry. Faster access to files eliminates wasted
search time and allows users to quickly find what they need to proceed with
their work.”

Customers implementing ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 can continue to enjoy immediate
startup, radically reduced memory usage, and greater flexibility in
failover options and functionality that was recently introduced with
version 4.0. In addition, the 4.1 update includes a number of bug fixes
associated with changes to the product’s internal structure which was
rearchitected earlier this year.

The ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 product line is fully compatible with Mac OS X. It
allows customers to eliminate the legacy AppleTalk protocol from their
networks by using standard TCP/IP protocols. ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 is the only
Windows-based file server to support the latest version of the Apple File
Protocol (AFP) and to be actively enhanced and maintained. The ExtremeZ-IP
product line is used by thousands of customers worldwide who depend on
reliable file sharing between their Mac desktops and Windows file servers.

The ExtremeZ-IP 4.1 update will be available in October and is free to
customers who own licenses for version 4.0 and have an active Maintenance
and Support Contract. Eligible customers may receive the free update by
contacting Group Logic directly at or by calling
+1.703.528.1555 or 800.476.8781. Customers using earlier versions of the
product must upgrade in order to take advantage of the new 4.1 version
features. Customers should contact Group Logic at +1.703.528.1555 or
800.476.8781 for specific upgrade pricing.

About Group Logic
Group Logic, Inc., develops wide area network (WAN) and local area network
(LAN) workflow solutions that increase speed and create efficiencies for
file transfers, file and print services, and remote proofing procedures.
The company’s solutions include internationally renowned products,
customization and integration services, and in-depth product training to
maximize return on investment.

Group Logic offers two complementary product lines: MassTransit: Advanced
Mac/Windows file transfer solution that fully integrates with existing
workflow processes to effectively drive, verify and manage high-speed
transmission of graphics, multimedia, digital assets and other production
files between client and customer locations.

ExtremeZ-IP Product Line: Mac OS X compatible File Server and stand-alone
Print Server products that use TCP/IP protocol to dramatically improved
stability between Macintosh clients and Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2000
Servers. Print Accounting Add-On software increases control over
enterprise-wide printing, through accounting and job tracking functionality.

=46or more information, visit Group Logic on the World Wide Web at Group Logic can also be reached at
800.476.8781/+1.703.528.1555 or at