New Directional Wireless Networking Antenna Gives 3-5X standard Wireless
Range Corner Design Pulls Signals Into Tight Office Spaces

WICHITA, Kan. –08/29/05– QuickerTek has announced four new directional
wireless networking Corner Antennas for Power Mac G5 and G4 desktop
computers. With 12dbi and 14dbi RF power, users can easily experience three
to five times the wireless range over the stock Power Mac desktop. These
antennas are one of the best values at only $80 USD for the 12dbi model and
$100 USD for the 14dbi version.

Users simply plug this new Corner Antenna into the AirPort card or port and
continue to use AirPort networks, just as before. No software, alterations
or other technical changes are necessary to receive this impressive
wireless boost. The “corner” aspect of this product is the way in which it
mounts to the wall – in the corner. A corner mount directs the wireless
signal toward the AirPort Base Station or access point, providing the
flexibility needed in some network layouts.

Corner Antennas work with Macintosh OS X and Apple AirPort networks as well
as any other 802.11b through 802.11g wireless network systems. Part Number
CA12-G4; 12dbi model for Power Mac G4; $80 Part Number CA14-G4; 14dbi model
for Power Mac G4; $100 Part Number CA12-G5; 12dbi model for Power Mac G5;
$80 Part Number CA14-G5; 14dbi model for Power Mac G5; $100 All of these
Corners Antennas have a shipping weight of 5 pounds.

“The Corner Antennas are a natural progression of our wireless Macintosh
product line. We have the most flexibility to solve virtually any wireless
networking problem our Mac customers will run across. These Corner Antennas
can also be added to our high-powered 27dbm Tranceivers to blast the range
out past a mile. We have been using these antennas on our in-house systems
and for any office or soho use they are great,” said Rick Estes, president,
QuickerTek, Inc.

These new Power Mac G5 qnd G4 Corner Antennas and all other QuickerTek
wireless products can be purchased through Small Dog Electronics as well as
the other fine dealers listed on the QuickerTek website Where To Buy page.
Small Dog Electronics will receive the first shipment of these new antennas.

QuickerTek is the recognized leading innovator of antennas for Apple
products. Popular products include the Titanium and Aluminum PowerBook
antennas and transceivers as well as AirPort antennas for Graphite, Snow
and Airport Extreme Base Stations and most Power Mac G5 and G4 models.
Longer distance wireless networks might use QuickerTek’s Point-to-Point and
Point-to-MultiPoint product line.

For more information contact, QuickerTek, 7777 E. Osie Street, Suite 304B,
Wichita, Kansas 67207, phone 316-691-1585, or online