Atomic Bolt Introduces the Patent-Pending Banshee Pad
Leading-Edge Mousing Surface Optimizes Mouse Maneuverability

August 16, 2005, Austin, Texas – Atomic Bolt LP today announced the
introduction of its much anticipated Banshee Pad (r), a patent-pending
mousing surface made from a solid piece of airplane-grade aluminum.

The Banshee Pad enables PC users to maximize the maneuverability of both
laser and optical mice. Invented for PC gamers requiring micro-second
reactions, the Banshee Pad is also ideal for other PC users who want to
heighten the operability of their mouse.

“From its larger size to its low-friction surface, the Banshee Pad is
designed to optimize the reactions of PC mice,” said Thomas Athanas, Atomic
Bolt’s chief designer and 20-year-old inventor of the new gaming mouse pad.
“With all of the high-end mice available today, PC users need a tool that
fully leverages their operability. We’ve done that with the Banshee Pad.”

The 10.5″ x 14″ Banshee Pad is laser-cut from a single sheet of
airplane-grade aluminum, anodized in four-techno colors, and hand-finished
in a process designed to optimize laser and optical mouse performance.
Available in purple, red, black and blue, the original series is available
for $39.95. A custom series pad, with a name laser-etched into the surface,
is available for $44.95. Banshee Pads can be purchased at

The Banshee Pad’s non-degrading slick, finished surface provides flawless
maneuverability for years of action. The Banshee Pad allows all types of PC
users to optimize their reactions while navigating, creating images or
playing online.

“Plastic and cloth pads stifle a mouse’s movements. Their dimensions are
restrictive during game play and frustrating during daily use,” Athanas
said. “It’s time for a new generation of mousing surface to work with the
advanced technology available to consumers.”

About Atomic Bolt LP
Atomic Bolt, LP, developers of quality professional products for the
interactive entertainment industry. Atomic Bolt is based in the Silicon
Hills of Austin, Texas. All Banshee Pads are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Thomas Athanas, chief designer for Atomic Bolt, is the 20-year-old inventor
of the product. He, along with the Atomic Bolt team, founded the company in

To order a Banshee Pad, please go to