Link your Dock Connector Accessories to Your iPod shuffle with the Belkin
Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle

(Compton, CA) – August 16, 2005 – Belkin Corporation announces the Dock
Adapter for iPod shuffle, an add-on that lets you connect iPod accessories
with the Dock Connector through the shuffle’s USB port. This Dock Adapter
gives your shuffle the flexibility to work with enhancements for iPod such
as battery packs, auto power cords, iPod speakers, and USB/FireWire cables
that have a Dock Connector. It will be shipping in North America in late
September 2005.

Dock Adapter for iPod (F8Z026) – $19.99

With the Dock Adapter, you can charge your shuffle using your Dock
Connector power cord. The device also provides pass-through audio via the
Dock Connector.

This Adapter lets you use your shuffle with:
– Belkin TuneBase (F8V7098) and TuneBase FM (F8V7097)
– Belkin Auto Kit — F8V7058-APL
– Belkin Auto Power Cord — F8V7067-APL
– Belkin Battery Pack — F8E464
– Belkin TunePower — F8E490
– USB and FireWire power adapters (when used with USB or FireWire* cables
for iPod)

*Will not sync when used with a FireWire cable. However, power and audio
will be compatible.

About Belkin Corporation

Belkin Corporation, the global leader in connectivity solutions, offers a
range of innovations for the computer, electronics, and mobile consumer.
With a diverse and far-reaching product mix consisting of home and
enterprise networking, audio video solutions, KVM (keyboard/video/mouse)
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