Software developer CaptureWorks is releasing TaskCapture 2.0 for Mac and
Windows platforms, a powerful, precision time and activity tracking
solution designed for single-users, freelancers, or anyone looking to track
time accurately without any effort. TaskCapture automatically tracks
working time on in-use documents in any standard application.

By gathering job-related information– client, job, task, application, time
spent, etc.– and delivering it to your personal database (included) at the
perfect moment, when a document is closed, TaskCapture eliminates the need
for entering time estimates into conventional billing or time tracking
systems (such as manual start/stop timers). Such practices lead inevitably
to omissions or guesstimates due to the hurried nature of today’s working
environments. After all, who has time for timekeeping?

TaskCapture 2.0 adds new benefits:

Greater Accuracy:
Detailed reports can be generated for all applications used
Cost tracking enables you to enter expenses
Overtime check box with separate rate applied
Designate different rates for different clients

Better palette design with access to Task Viewer
Pop-up list for clients and frequently used tasks
Email HTML invoice tables and time sheets, or export as HTML
Ability to run in background mode and assign tasks at a later time
Job memory auto-fills dialog based on previous work assignments

Greater Flexibility:
Add any application to tracking list
Added customization capabilities on reports and invoices, including logo
Ability to edit captured tasks in Task Viewer
Ability to set any date and time for tasks

Workflow, Integration:
Direct connection to QuickBooks service items and clients (Windows only)
Integrates with iCalendar on Mac or Outlook Express on Windows

The patent pending Auto Job Jacket captures time associated with worked-on
documents, opening a dialog box at the perfect moment, when a document is
closed, eliminating the potential for human error! TaskCapture
automatically tracks real working time no matter how many documents are
open; however, only the front document’s timer is active, while time
associated with idle documents is paused. TaskCapture knows when you have
stopped working, so if you step away from your computer for lunch or a
meeting, the timer pauses.

TaskCapture also remembers which client you have assigned worked-on
documents to, automatically filling in previously assigned client and job
information, as well as rounding up accrued time in your billing increment.
(Windows users can also customize their dialogs by adding a photo as a
“skin” as well.)

“One of the biggest dangers for independent contractors is letting little
tasks go unbilled. TaskCapture 2.0 logs everything, so their bottom line is
much healthier.” exclaims Dave Taub, VP, Director of Sales and Marketing.
“I purchased my copy a few hours ago, and I’m already putting it to good
use. I’m pretty sure it’s already paid for itself.” says Daniel Zacek,
Creative Director of Media Del’Arte. CaptureWorks President, Peter McClard
states “In creating TaskCapture we have been guided by the question “what
is the best possible way to keep track of the work we do on and off the
computers?” The answer we came up with is: less effort to track time and
more accuracy of information – TaskCapture!”

CaptureWorks, Inc. specializes in enabling companies and individuals to
maximize revenue potential by capturing work-related information at the
optimal moment. CaptureWorks’ unique approach to automated data capture
enables tangible increases in revenue while greatly reducing the expense
and hassle of gathering critical information for billing and metric

The cost of TaskCapture is $79.00. The upgrade for existing owners of
TaskCapture is $49.00.