Monday, July 25, 2005

24U Software announces Public Beta version of 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In. This
plug-in allows FileMaker Pro to communicate with user, another FileMaker
Pro, and other applications via TCP/IP.

Primary features:

– act as server, waiting for a TCP/IP connection from a client app/computer
– run a script on demand from the client app/computer
– evaluate a calculation on demand from the client app/computer
– perform custom commands/actions depending on received data
– act as client – connect to a server, send commands, wait for responses
– talk to another instance of itself via TCP/IP
– let users connect via Telnet and run a script or evaluate a calc

More info:

Prices of 24U SimpleTalk Plug-In!

24U SimpleFile Plug-In will sell for $57 for 1 user ($449 Developer
license). 24U Software will be accepting pre-orders for a discounted price
of $46 for 1 user ($359 Developer license).

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