Monday, July 25, 2005

24U Software announces Public Beta version of 24U SimpleFile Plug-In. This
file management plug-in for FileMaker Pro allows you to create, delete,
copy, move, rename, read and edit all your files and folders directly from
your databases.

Primary functions:

– creating files and folders
– deleting files and folders (including complete contents)
– copying files and folders (including complete contents)
– moving files and folders (including complete contents)
– renaming files and folders
– checking kind of items (file/folder/not found)
– checking size of files and folders (data fork/resource fork/file/folder)
– checking and setting creation and modification date & time
– checking and setting file/folder privileges
– choosing file, folder and new file name via system dialog
– reading folders (list of items)
– reading files (whole contents or part)
– writing files (whole, append, modify)
– support for full and relative paths (cross-platform)
– FileMaker 7 native
– 100% Unicode

More info:

Limited functionality is also available for FileMaker 4-6 as bonus 24U
SimpleFile Plug-In 0.1 included for free with 24U SimpleFile Plug-In 1.0.

Prices of 24U SimpleFile Plug-In!

24U SimpleFile Plug-In will sell for $48 for 1 user ($371 Developer license).
24U Software will be accepting pre-orders for a discounted price of $37 for
1 user ($297 Developer license).

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