Thursby Software Systems today announced that ADmitMac v3 is now in beta and is on target to ship mid-August. ADmitMac provides for the secure and complete integration of Macintosh computers into Microsoft Active Directory environments. New features of ADmitMac include: support of Microsoft NTFS file system allowing for storage of Macintosh files with multiple forks in a single file; secure protocols, including NTLMv2 and SMB signing, which allow connections to Windows Server 2003 without requiring the administrator to downgrade the security on the server; support for Microsoft’s Distributed File System — Tiger contains no Dfs support at all; includes both Macintosh and PC utilities for managing desktop settings; deployment tools for support of large and complex site installation; and it works with Adobe’s InDesign CS. ADmitMac v3 is a free upgrade for all customers under a current support agreement or who purchased ADmitMac on or after April 1, 2005.