Quartam Reports for Runtime Revolution Released
Business and Enterprise Level Report Generator Provides Dozens of Powerful
Features and a User-Friendly Interface

Edinburgh, Scotland, July 14th 2005
Quartam Software (www.quartam.com) and Runtime Revolution (www.runrev.com)
announce the release of Quartam Reports. Quartam Reports for Runtime
Revolution provides all the features required to let people create reports
quickly and easily. Its user-friendly feature set makes it perfect for
creating anything from labels through to sales reports, making it ideal for
use by home users through to businesses and software developers. Quartam
Reports is available as an add-on for existing Runtime Revolution users and
is available free for first time purchasers of Revolution Studio and
Enterprise. The launch is accompanied by a range of special offers.

“Quartam Reports and Revolution are the perfect tools for the information
dependent business world, ” said Kevin Miller CEO of Runtime Revolution
adding that, “Software built with Revolution can collect data from a range
of sources such as the Internet, users andSQL databases. With the release
of Quartam reports businesses can now create reports and share them quickly
and easily, making this the ideal package for the cost conscious business.”

Quartam Reports brings range of new features including:
– Drag and drop layout manager with support for colours, images, graphics,
and links
– The ability to organise data in groups, each with their own page header
and footer
– Range of statistical functions
– The ability to use Transcript expressions
– Support for Unicode and HTML
– Advanced printF() expressions
– Easy to use tabbed interface with undo feature

“These are exciting times to be a Revolution developer. With the recent
growth of the user base, the conferences and the launch of version 2.6, the
time was right to fulfil the increasing demand for a powerful report
generator.” Said Jan Schenkel of Quartam Software, who went on to add
“Combining data with presentation results in genuinely useful information.
With Revolution and Quartam Reports users can create anything from an
address book application up to large scale applications for use in
corporate settings — the possibilities are endless.”

Quartam Reports Express (list price $129) is available for free until 25th
August 2005 to all purchasers of Revolution Studio. Quartam Reports Pro
(list price $299) is available for free until 25th August 2005 to all
purchasers of Revolution Enterprise. Those taking advantage of this offer
will receive the first upgrade to Quartam Reports free. Those taking
advantage of this offer will receive the first upgrade to Quartam Reports
free. These offers are available from Runtime Revolution through the
revSelect program.

More information on Quartam Reports can be found at:

Those who already own Revolution Studio and Enterprise can take advantage
of another unique special offer. Until the 25th August 2005 users of
Revolution Studio or Enterprise who renew or upgrade their licence can
purchase Quartam Reports Express at the same time for only $65. Those
renewing or upgrading Revolution Enterprise can purchase Quartam Reports
Pro for only $199.

About Quartam Software
Founded in 2003, Quartam Software is dedicated to building professional
tools for Revolution developers as well as providing custom software
services on this powerful platform. Quartam Reports is the first in a
series of add-ons that take developing enterprise applications to the next
level. The company is based in Aalst, Belgium. For more information on
Quartam Software, please visit the company on the web at

About Runtime Revolution
Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric
software development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and
Unix. Products include Revolution Dreamcard, Studio and Enterprise, and Ten
Thumbs Typing Tutor. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more
information on Runtime Revolution, please visit the company on the web at