Yellow Lemon Software announces FolderGlance 1.0.0, a simple, yet slightly
amazing tool for adding hierarchical folder browsing to the Finder’s
contextual menus.

Yellow Lemon Software releases FolderGlance 1.0.0

Tromso, Norway, August 18. 2005 — Yellow Lemon Software released FolderGlance
1.0.0 today, a small utility that enables hierarchical browsing of folder
contents through the Finder’s contextual menus. FolderGlance allows the user to
configure the maximum depth of the sub-menus, as well as turning display of
hidden files in the contextual menus on and off.

FolderGlance requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is fully compatible with Mac
OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Pricing and availability
FolderGlance is free, although donations are accepted. FolderGlance can be
downloaded right away from this location:

Screenshots and more information is available at the FolderGlance home page:

About Yellow Lemon Software
Yellow Lemon Software has been developing software for the Mac since 1996, with
its two most successful products being Desktop Transporter and Super Othello.
Yellow Lemon Software is based in Tromso, Norway, and consists of one sole
person currently studying computer science at the University of Tromso.