Amped Wireless’ TAP-R3, a touch screen Wi-Fi router, is designed to deliver whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, coupled with a fast and simple setup process that requires nothing but a few taps of your finger to complete.

The TAP-R3 is sleek and doesn’t take up much space; however, it can send a Wi-Fi signal to areas like upstairs rooms, out to the yard, or to the far den. Equipped with a total of 12 high power amplifiers and three high gain antennas (external and internal), the TAP-R3 delivers up to 800mW of Wi-Fi output power.

More output power means more Wi-Fi coverage as it allows a signal to push through walls and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots. The TAP-R3 is built with a fast Qualcomm Processor, enabling reliable connections. By fine tuning this advanced technology, the TAP-R3 can supply a home with more coverage than standard routers and all with a few taps on the screen.

The router’s setup is done entirely on the touch screen display. After powering on the rRouter, the user taps to begin the Setup Wizard. The TAP-R3 automatically detects your Internet settings, the user gives the Wi-Fi networks names and passwords, and setup is complete. No laptops or other devices are needed. The touch screen also allows for quick access to many features of the Router including the setup and management of Guest Networks, the Wi-Fi Access Schedule, User Access Controls, the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in Signal Coverage Controls and many other settings.

This Router is designed for the minimalist household. Though the TAP-R3 can sit upright without stealing much cabinet or counter space, it can also be mounted onto any wall for an even less intrusive installation. Get rid of your switches and extra cable mess with the 4 Gigabit wired ports and USB sharing port. The TAP-R3 can be your hub for all of your network devices and storage drivers.

With the USB port you can share files both locally and remotely. And you can set and forget the Router or turn on Clock Mode for a modern digital clock display, making it even more functional and appealing in any office or room.

The TAP-R3 is priced at US$199.99. It’s available online at .